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We understand there are a number of factors and considerations that must be made when selecting glass products for a building design. Providing design and educational resources to assist through this process is important here at Viracon.

  • AIA Presentations – Viracon is an AIA/CES Approved Provider and offers interactive, in-person presentations for architects.
  • BIM Library – We’ve created a Viracon library to simplify the process of adding our glass products into Revit Building Information Models.
  • Glazing Guidelines – Documents and information regarding Viracon's guidelines for glazing, glass handling and storage, maintenance and cleaning and glass breakage.
  • Glossary
  • Green Design / LEED – Learn how Viracon products contribute to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Rating Systems.
  • Specification – Using CSI’s MasterFormat, our recommended 08 80 00 specification provides a comprehensive list of items to include when specifying glass products.
  • Tech Talks – Specific, detailed documents covering the following topics
    • Bird Friendly Glass
    • Ceramic Frit and Ink Visual Characteristics
    • Glass and Electronic Eavesdropping Protection
    • Field-Applied Coatings and Films on Glass
    • Glass Staining
    • Heat Soak Testing
    • Insulating Glass Sealant Visual Characteristics
    • Quench Pattern Characteristics
    • Reflective Glass
    • The Role of Reflectivity in Glass
    • Thermal Stress Breakage
    • Viewing Windows for Swimming Pools and Aquariums


The following video provides an overview of daylighting and glass selection.

View video with Spanish subtitles. 
View video with Portuguese subtitles. 
View video with Vietnamese subtitles.