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Now Available in Oversized Configurations.

The great possibilities of architectural design are now even more possible. DigitalDistinctions™ by Viracon combines the durability of ceramic inks with the versatility of digital printing into one proven solution for all glass-printing applications. A stunning technology that’s as beautiful and imaginative as it is functional.

Design Without Limits
DigitalDistinctions™ by Viracon finally removes the limitations of screen-printing. Now, you can print a vast number of colors on glass with complete predictability, repeatability and ceramic ink durability. Plus, you’ll enjoy the benefits of UV resistance, transparency, and scratch resistance, while applying Viracon’s solar control coatings directly over the digital image.

The artistic possibilities of DigitalDistinctions would mean nothing if they didn’t also meet or exceed functionality requirements. In fact, digital in-glass printing enhances the functionality of glass and the energy performance of your building by optimizing light diffusion and transmission, energy efficiency, solar control and the support of carbon emission reduction. Functionality has never looked this good.

Why Architects Choose DigitalDistinctions™ by Viracon:

  • Virtually unlimited design possibilites.
  • Low-E coatings can be applied over the ceramic ink.
  • Optimized energy performance.
  • Enhanced durability and beauty of ceramic ink.


Multi-color Images   Custom Designs   Multi-color Patterns
Graduating Patterns   Sepia Images    

DigitalDistinctions™ Dual Image
Dual image printing consists of a printed image or pattern on one side of the glass that is a different color or image than the other side of the glass. For example, black dot on white dot (as shown below).

Red Dots - As viewed from Interior   White Dots - As viewed from Exterior

DigitalDistinctions™ Simulated Etch Ink
Simulated Etch ink can be used alone or in combination with other ink colors to simulate the look of acid etched or colored etch glass.

    Etch Ink   Etch Ink with Color    

DigitalDistinctions™ Additional Design Options
DigitalDistinctions can also be used as a cost effective solution to simulate building materials.

Brick   Stone   Stone   Wood Grain

*Note: the above images are sample images intended to highlight the aesthetic possibilities available with DigitalDistinctions. Please contact Viracon at 800.533.2080 to discuss further design possibilities.

Standard and custom patterns can be printed in a vast array of colors by mixing the six basic ink colors: black, white, green, blue, red and orange-yellow.