Centre hospitalier de l'Université de Montréal (CHUM)


Insulating (Clear) with  Opaq White Dot Silk-screen and Custom Spandrel; Insulating (Clear) with Custom Spandrel

Insulating (Clear) with DigitalDistinctions™ and Custom Spandrel

Insulating VNE1-63/VE1-85  (Clear) with DigitalDistinctions™; Insulating VNE1-63/VE1-85 (Clear) with Black Dot Silk-screen; Insulating VNE1-63/VE1-85 (Clear) with Full Coverage Simulated Acid-Etch Silk-screen

Glass Type:
Glazing Contractor: Gamma
Products: Insulating

Product Application: Energy Control
Photographer: © Viracon, Lance Lawrence
Courtesy Robert Scarfo, Gamma

Architect: Cannon Design
NEUF architect(e)s
Building Application: Medical
General Contractor: EBC Inc.