Mall of America JW Marriott Minneapolis & The Offices @ MOA (aka MOA Crossings)

Laminated (Optiwhite™) with Full Coverage Simulated Sandblast Dot Silk-screen

Insulating VRE1-46 (Clear) with DigitalDistinctions™;  Insulating VRE1-46 (Clear) with DigitalDistinctions™ and Medium Gray Spandrel

Glass Type: VRE1-46, VE1-48, VH11-48
Glazing Contractor: Empirehouse Inc.
AMG Architectural Glass and Glazing
Products: Insulating
Insulating Laminated

Product Application: Energy Control
Safety Glazing
Photographer: © Viracon, Brian Savage
Courtesy Empirehouse Inc.

Architect: DLR Group
Building Application: Mixed Use
General Contractor: Mortenson Construction