195 Church Street (RETROFIT)

Viracon’s Monolithic (Clear) RoomSide™ Low-E glass improves light-to-solar gain (LSG) ratio by 21 percent. This improved LSG ratio increases the number of hours in the year that natural daylighting can be used without tenants having to draw their blinds. In addition, electrical lighting can be dimmed or turned off with daylighting controls.


Viracon, Wausau Window and Wall and Linetec project.

Glass Type:
Glazing Contractor: Wausau Window and Wall
Products: Monolithic
RoomSideâ„¢ Low-E

Product Application: Energy Control
Photographer: © Woodruff-Brown Architectural Photography, Courtesy of Apogee Enterprises

Architect: Kenneth Boronson Architects, LLC
Building Application: Office
General Contractor: Milestone Construction