Salick Cancer Center

The Mount Sinai Comprehensive Cancer Center features 25,000 square feet of insulating laminated glass providing protection, aesthetics, and solar control. The designers wanted to create an environment that would reflect a healthy appearance of patient's skin versus a yellowish or pale skin tone common of individuals undergoing cancer treatment. The solution was the selection of tinted glass, pigmented vinyl, and a stainless steel high performance reflective coating to create a blue, a pink and a green facade. The three colors distinguish three different treatment areas of the facility. In addition the glazing was designed to protect against hurricane-force winds and provide solar control against the Florida heat.
Glass Type: VS1-14, VS5-08, VS8-08
Glazing Contractor: Tri-State Glass
Products: Insulating Laminated

Product Application: Protective Glazing
Photographer: Richard J. Levy

Architect: Rochlin Baran Balbona Inc.
Building Application: Medical
General Contractor: