Oklahoma City Federal Building

According to lead designer, Carol Ross Barney of Ross Barney + Jankowski, 'security was paramount when designing the campus, but we also wanted to create a sense of openness in a sustainable building. The extensive use of glass in the building design allowed us to accomplish all these objectives. We wanted a safe, but not prison-like building.' Ross Barney desired to use glass in a distinctive way, while admitting only as much light as necessary without introducing glare or heat. An insulating glass unit with a solar controlling coating and a combination of tinted and clear substrates met the challenge. The inboard component of the unit was a laminated glazing for blast protection.

Glass Type: VE6-2M, VE1-85
Glazing Contractor: Masonry Arts
Products: Insulating Laminated

Product Application: Protective Glazing
Photographer: © Hedrich Blessing, Steve Hall

Architect: Ross Barney + Jankowski, Inc.
Building Application: Government
General Contractor: