RadioShack Riverfront Campus

This impressive seven building campus includes 900,000 square feet of office and mixed-use space with riverfront views. The exquisite blue-cast of this specific Viracon radiant low-E coating blends beautifully with the natural surroundings. Home to over 2,000 RadioShack employees, occupant comfort became a key objective when considering the glass specification. The combination of insulating glass units with Viracon low-E and radiant low-E coatings was the solution to significantly reduce the amount of solar heat gain yet allow an adequate amount of daylight into the occupied space.

RadioShack Riverfront Campus

Viracon VRE1-46 Insulating Glass was specified because of its high performance characteristics and its aesthetic properties.

"The Viracon team really listened to what I wanted to accomplish and then offered some great options that gave me the look and performance I was looking for."

-Ken Tse, HKS, Inc.

Glass Type: VRE1-46, VE1-2M
Glazing Contractor: Oak Cliff Mirror & Glass Co.
Products: Insulating

Product Application: Energy Control
Photographer: © Wes Thompson

Architect: HKS, Inc.
Building Application: Office
General Contractor:
LEED Certification: LEED Certified