Cowboys Stadium

Everything's big in Texas. The canted glass exterior wall is one of the most striking architectural features of this $1.1 billion, 3-million sq. ft. building. Internal lights illuminate the glass wall to create a glow across the facade at night of this striking, 80,000 seat capacity stadium located deep in the heart of Texas.

It was a big honor to play on the team. "This truly was a big project for us. There are over 5,000 glass panels in the 86-foot high curtain wall that were placed at a 14-degree angle that cants outward. The glass has a light gradient silk-screen from 90% density at the bottom to 30% at the top. Because of the complexity of this project, we were asked to be part of the team. And what a great team it was to play on. Go Cowboys!"

Glass Type: VE1-52, VE1-85
Glazing Contractor: Haley-Greer, Inc.
Products: Insulating

Product Application: Energy Control
Photographer: © Wes Thompson
Courtesy of Haley-Greer, Inc.
Alissa Schmidt

Architect: HKS, Inc.
Building Application: Entertainment
General Contractor: