Aqua Tower

A uniquely remarkable showcase of architecture for the Chicago loop area, the 82-story Aqua Tower appears to be more of a mammoth sculpture than a residential skyscraper. The name "Aqua" complements the nautical naming theme a majority of the buildings in the city's Lakeshore East development have. In addition, the name also highlights the building's undulating concrete balconies that resemble ripples or waves.

"Our Viraconsulting™ service gives our customers an opportunity to turn their what if questions into why not solutions. Viraconsulting was a great way for us to build on the team's design ideas and provide the perfect glass solutions for this very distinctive Chicago landmark."
- Ron McCann, Viracon Sales Director

Glass Type: VE1-2M, VRE1-59, VE2-2M
Glazing Contractor: EFCO Corporation
Products: Insulating

Product Application: Energy Control
Photographer: © Hedrich Blessing, Steve Hall

Architect: Studio Gang Architects
Loewenberg & Associates, Inc.
Building Application: Multifamily Housing
General Contractor: