Westin Peachtree Plaza (Reglaze)

In March 2008, the city's skyline suffered severe damage from a 130-mile-per-hour tornado. The Westin Peachtree reglaze included thousands of lites of Viracon glass consisting of one-inch, insulating VE4-2M on the revolving restaurant and half-inch, laminated, clear VLE1-57 over bronze for the guestrooms, elevator, mechanical and meeting rooms. Laminated glass often is required to provide protection against natural disasters such as hurricanes. The "VE" and "VLE" designations indicate enhanced performance and reduced direct solar heat gain.

Glass Type: VLE1-57, VE4-2M, VH13-45
Glazing Contractor: Harmon, Inc.
WS Nielsen Co. Inc.
Products: Laminated

Product Application: Safety Glazing
Energy Control
Photographer: © Fred Gerlich Photography
Royce Douglas / Emporis

Architect: Arnold & Associates
Building Application: Hotel/Condo
General Contractor: Skanska