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City of Owatonna

The Owatonna Chamber of Commerce highlights the many advantages of living in Owatonna. They also provide links to many local organizations and services. Other helpful resources:


Finding your new home is high priority. The following resource will help you begin your search for rental property:


Financial Institutions
Owatonna affords you easy access to local, regional, and national financial institutions. Below are some of the options available to you:


Retail Shopping
Owatonna is just a one-hour drive from the famous Mall of America, which boasts more than 400 stores and restaurants and an amusement park. You will find local and regional shopping to meet your needs, including:


Making the Most of Minnesota Living
Staying busy and active will be easy. Minnesota offers something for everyone.


City of Statesboro

The Statesboro Herald provides you with all the latest news.



Financial Institutions


Retail Shopping


Take advantage of all Southeast Georgia has to offer